Focused On Getting Results For You

Focused On Getting Results For You

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a business owner in greater Pittsburgh who may have to resolve a workers’ compensation claim in court. What kind of workers’ comp defense cases do you handle for commercial clients?

Typically, the firm becomes involved in claims related to serious physical injuries from accidents, occupational diseases, emotional trauma and catastrophic or fatal injuries such as damage to the brain and spinal cord. Poerio & Walter, Inc. attorneys strive to reduce our clients’ exposure to liability through detailed investigation and interviews for evidence collection and analysis, and any other avenue we can explore to put this crisis behind you.

Insurance defense legal advice is something that my Harrisburg business may be in the market for soon. What types of cases do you take on?

We routinely rise to the challenge of defending corporations regionally and nationally for auto, homeowner, business, life insurance and product liability disputes, among others. If a legal issue threatens to upset your commercial momentum anywhere in the country, we are the law firm that can handle it.

Can your law firm help my small business to collect payments for overdue invoices?

Without a doubt. Poerio & Walter, Inc. is your source, and those of other small businesses, for effective collections efforts connected to materials and products in commercial contexts. We seek justice for you, in the form of payments you are owed by delinquent entities.

My West Virginia company is being sued by an employee for harassment, and retaliation for having reported the harassment. The situation is so complex, I feel we need to discuss it at length. Does your firm offer initial consultations?

Absolutely. To arrange an initial consultation with Poerio & Walter, Inc. to discuss any employment and labor law issue, just call or send an email message. We promise to respond to it promptly.