Focused On Getting Results For You

Focused On Getting Results For You

Insurance Defense Litigators

The attorneys at Poerio & Walter, Inc., offer decades of experience defending a vast and diverse array of litigation matters. We handle every aspect of insurance-related litigation, including auto, home, business, life and product-liability litigation. Our experience encompasses all insurance-related issues. Able to obtain positive and efficient results, our lawyers will not hesitate to try a case when the facts and the law are favorable. We will handle all matters from inception through litigation and, when necessary, through trial and at the appellate level.

Auto Insurance

Our insurance defense attorneys are well-versed with the Pennsylvania’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL) and all of the issues that arise under that statute, including full/limited tort, the circumstances under which special damages may be pled, and uninsured/underinsured motorists claims. Moreover, we are very familiar with Part III of the Vehicle Code, Chapter 31, which addresses traffic laws and traffic control devices, Subchapter A and B, respectively. Stated differently, we know how to defend insureds in terms of both damages and liability.

Casualty Insurance

At Poerio & Walter, Inc., our insurance defense lawyers have defended countless insureds in trip- and slip-and-fall matters. Having defended many public and private entities, private businesses and individual homeowners, we know what defenses to assert as to trespassers, licensees and invitees, whether a public or business visitor, and we are well-versed with the immunity defenses peculiar to public entities.

Adept at appealing to the common sense of jurors, our attorneys have achieved great success in characterizing what is not an unreasonably dangerous condition and in assigning the appropriate contributory/comparative fault to the plaintiffs.

Life And Disability Insurance Claims

Our attorneys are experienced with defending claims brought against insurance carriers for failing to pay insureds on a disability claim or beneficiaries on a life insurance claim. We have successfully defended such claims brought under breach of contract and bad faith theories of liability.

Products Liability

Our defense attorneys have successfully defended numerous insureds, whether directly or through their insurance carriers, on all aspects of product liability law, including failure to warn, defective design and defective manufacturing. We are intimately familiar with the complexities of this type of insurance defense litigation, including the defenses to assert as to the product itself or misuse of the product by the plaintiff.

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