Focused On Getting Results For You

Focused On Getting Results For You

Preserving Your Assets Through Estate Planning

It is never too soon to plan ahead to protect all that you have worked hard to earn during your life. If you suddenly die without a will or a trust, your assets will be subject to Pennsylvania’s probate laws. Unnecessary taxes and court costs will diminish the value of your estate. Your family could end up in difficult disputes and confusion about distributing your assets. Your estate could be given over to other family members you had no intention of benefitting.

At Poerio & Walter, Inc., our attorneys provide confidential counseling on planning how to preserve your legacy and distribute your wealth to those you wish to benefit. There are many vital components to an estate plan, including:

  • Wills – Generally, an important legal instrument providing information about your bounty and whom you wish to distribute it to; you may also name who you wish to nominate as guardian of your minor children.
  • Living wills – Also known as health care directives, this document allows you to name an agent whom you trust to ensure your wishes for medical treatment are carried out while you are alive, but incapable of speaking on your own behalf.
  • Powers of attorney – Similar to a living will, however, this document is specific to naming an agent to act on your behalf to conduct your financial and other legal affairs in the event you cannot do so on your own. There are several types, broad and narrow in scope, depending on your needs.
  • Trusts – A more complex legal instrument for naming a trustee to ensure your assets in the trust are used in the way you direct while you are alive and after you pass away.

We also provide business counseling on strategic planning, management succession planning, internal controls and long-term budgeting, as well as capital budgeting.

Is Your Family Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One?

Pennsylvania’s probate process can be difficult to complete on your own in the midst of grieving the loss of a family member. There are many steps to getting it right, and one misstep can extend the time for closing out your family member’s estate. Many times, grieving family attempts shortcuts or are under pressure from other relatives who demand their inheritance. You may not always have control over these disputes. When that happens, we will aggressively protect your rights to inherit.

Get In Touch With Trusted Estate Planning Attorneys

Warner Mariani leads the firm’s practice in these areas and, together with Bob Walter and Eugene Tempesta, our team provides a full range of representation in estate planning and probate matters. Email us or call us at 412-246-0506 or 717-724-0331 to schedule your appointment with us.